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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 ((walter just... so... cold. this is misery for florida... the coldest morning of the winter so far. are the cool temps a danger to crops... and when can we expect a warmup? 3 ((jen the coast guard calls off the search for the missing marines in hawaii. why this far-away accident is hard. 3 watney's" not the only one who what astronaut scott kelly just brought to life on the and how it could change space travel... forever!
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3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we'll get to the cold weather forecast and traffic, in just a minute... but first, while you were sleeping, two fires broke-out... 3 (jen one of them, was in sun city center... at valley forge and belle glade. a woman was asleep inside, when her *cat, reportedly woke-her up... she got out safely... but the cat is missing. and the carport has some serious damage. no word on what started the fire.(walter 3 (walter in valrico... another fire at a home on "aaronbrook drive." we're told *smoke alarms went-off, waking-up six people inside... who all got out safely. the red cross is helping them out this morning. the home, has heavy smoke damage. investigators are still looking-into the cause. 3
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3 3 3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 developing overseas this
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now claimed responsibility for an attack on a university that has killed at least 19 people.. and hurt 50 others. 3 witnesses say gunmen stormed the bacha khan university campus.. just as they opened up for classes.. multiple explosions could be heard.. most of the students have been rescued, and the army says the attackers have been contained.. the attack comes just over a year ... after more than 130 students were killed by taliban militants.. at a school in a nearby city.. 3 in iraq this morning.. st. elijah's monastery -- which stood as a place of worship for 14-hundred years.. more, than a field of rubble.. satalite images have confirmed that the oldest christian monastery in the country -- has fallen victim to isis' continuing destruction of ancient cultural sites.. the monastery had most recently 3 3 (jen) in hawaii, the coast guard is suspending a massive search for 12-marines, who've been missing for almost a week after two helicopters crashed off oahu. and this morning: we've learned one of them... 22-year-old corporal thomas jardas... is from fort
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(jen rescue crews had been looking round-the-clock... and spotted debris... including all four life rafts... but none of the marines. the search started late thursday when a civilian on the beach reported seeing the choppers flying overhead... and then, a fireball. later, the marines became concerned when their crews never returned to base from their nighttime training mission. initially, the coast guard reported that the copters collided, but that hasn't been confirmed by the marines. 3 ((walter two killings in manatee county... just 10-miles and 40-minutes apart. a man and a woman... found dead... and investigators are trying to find-out if they're somehow connected. this morning: the woman's chilling last post on facebook, could be a big clue. fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story... good morning.
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3 3 3 3 sarasota deputies are searching for two armed robbers this morning. 3 hoselton'.... the sheriff's
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he and another man robbed the race trac off pointe loop drive early yesterday morning. officials say the 2 walked in with shirts around their heads and pulled out guns... then forced the clerk to give them money. deputies later found their car... but say 'hoselton' and his accomplice ran into the woods. right now... officials are still searching for both of them. if you know anything call the sheriff's office. 3 3 (walter) clearwater police are looking for a man who was either heartless enough, or desperate enough, to rob a *church. 3 (walter surveillance video shows the man walk into "st. cecelia's catholic church" on jasmine way, last wednesday. police say: he broke-open the donation box and took 50-dollars. church leaders say: that money is supposed to be used to help the poor. 3 "it's not a lot of money but still its the principle of the having the guts to break into that is something very in need." --walter 3 church officials say: if the man had reached out to them, they would have helped
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police. 3 (walter and who would steal from elderly people in a deputies say: this woman did. 30-year-old "melissa taylor" reportedly *admitted to stealing from residents at assisted living facility in venice, where she worked. detectives say: since october, she's taken 12- thousand-dollars worth of cash and jewelry from people who live there. she told authorities: she needed the money, to pay her utility bills. 3 (jen) new this morning: just what the doctor ordered... but maybe, not best for what ails you. according to a new report: doctors are *still overprescribing antibiotics for respiratory infections... even though most are caused by viruses that those drugs cannot help. and the consequences are serious... overusing antibiotics is fueling the rise of drug-resistance superbugs... and antibiotics are losing their effectiveness because of ths. so now, doctors are getting new tips on how to avoid making this mistake... and it's key... since health officials say: about prescriptions issued each
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3 (jen well, here's a more appetizing thought... mcdonalds... is adding *chocolate drizzle... to its french fries! well, in *japan, they are. they're calling the new sweet-and- salty treat "mc-choco potato" and there are two types of sauces: one is regular chocolate, the other is white chocolate. the fancy new fries make their debut: next week. 3 ((jen)) she sounded strong and sure during her endorsement of donald trump tuesday...((walter)) but sarah palin had a lot on her mind. the serious allegations facing one of her kids. 3 ((walter and... jamie foxx to the rescue. the oscar winner plays the hero in real life... the daring thing he jumped in to do... 3 "you got to put on multiple pairs of socks. if you've got long johns, long underwear put that on." : "i have two t-shirts, a jacket and then the columbia. and i'm still pretty cold." --walter
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yeah... you thought *we had it cold. the city that's shivering in 20-below temps. and why it's only gonna get *worse, for them.
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(vo) if you have type 2 you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects
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causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. r using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin p may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. 3 a chilly start to the day... the coldest morning of the winter so far... 3 freeze warnings were in effect in our northern
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way down. we'll ask dave osterberg when the warm-up is coming, in just a few minutes. 3 isis is confirming the death of the terrorist known as "jihadi john." back in november... u-s officials said they were pretty sure "mohammed em-wazi" had been killed in a drone strike. he was the man with a british accent who was featured in several hostage videos... it's believed he's the person who then beheaded them.. isis acknowledged his death in the most recent issue of its online magazine. 3 (walter republican presidential front-runner, donald trump, picks-up an vice presidential candidate, sarah palin. the timing's good... it's less than two-weeks until the iowa caucuses. palin says: with would get done... quote, "america wouldn't apologize any more." but it's unclear if her endorsement will actually *help trump. palin is polarizing. right now, trump is locked in a dead cruz, in iowa. 3 (walter/ just a few hours
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son "track" was arrested in alaska... the 26-year-old is accused of punching his girlfriend in the face, and interfering with her attempts to report a crime. he was also charged with carrying a gun while intoxicated. police aren't getting any more specific. but this isn't the first time he's made news. in 20-14, there were reports of a booze-fueled brawl at the palin house... involving track, his dad, and his sisters bristol and willow. 3 (walter tragedy for the ben carson campaign. a volunteer was killed in a car accident in western iowa tuesday morning... three other campaign workers were hurt. carson was in south carolina at the time, and called off all his campaign events, when he got the news. officials say: 25-year-old "braden joplin" was killed when the van carrying carson volunteers flipped over, on icy roads, and was hit by another vehicle. 3 ((jen)) jamie foxx proves he doesn't need a stuntman. the oscar-winning actor saved a man's life when he pulled him from a burning car in california. 3 ((jen officials say a man drove off the road and into a
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pickup rolled over several times before it burst into flames. the accident happened right in front of jamie foxx's house. he says he heard the crash... dialed 9-1-1... then sprang into action. fortunately, an off-duty paramedic was driving by at the time. the 2 men broke the truck's window... cut the man's seatbelt... and pulled him to safety. 3 3 the driver has several broken bones and a punctured lung... but he's expected to survive. his father met with foxx yesterday... to personally thank him. unfortunately... that driver could be facing charges-- police say he was driving under the influence.
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((anchors)) 3 it's now 5:__. time dave. 3 chilly here... but consider this: in chicago... it's *bitterly cold. on monday, it was only five-degrees... and with the wind chill, it's nearly 20-below. now add to that, the trademark winds... coming off lake michigan.frosty! and yep... we'll take our weather
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3 3 3 3 3 (walter) astronaut scott kelly is at it again... tweeting-out amazing pictures from the international space station... during his *year in space. (jen) well this time... they feature his *garden... yeah! and he's tickled pink over his beautiful blooms. 3 (jen here's his first tweet, from late december...
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plants? he was worried they wouldn't make it... and even joked about channeling his "inner mark watney"... the astronaut in the movie "the martian" who figured out how to grow potatoes on mars. well then, about 11-days ago, things started looking up. kelly tweeted some healthier looking leaves. he was excited. (walter 3 ((walter and now... the final product... 3 zinnias! gorgeous ones! and the first ever, grown in space. this is actually a pretty big deal. zinnias are tough to grow in those conditions... and now that they've conquered them, they might be able to grow other flowering plants, like tomatoes... that could be vital to astronauts on long journeys. yep, "mark watney" is proud! 3 (walter) scott kelly was named the "commander" of the gardening program, so this is his baby.(jen) by the way, he's 3 been up there 298 days... so
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months and a week... 3 3 ((walter)) star wars is some of the merchandise... not item you'll want to keep *away from your little ones. 3 (jen and... cyber threats are everywhere... the silly mistake experts say we keep on making... even though we know better.
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3 check the baby 3
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disney is re-calling this darth vader onesie... because of a choking hazard. apparently, the snaps on the bodysuit can *detach, and little ones could injest them. so far, no injuries have been reported, but the parks they say: people should stop immediately... and return it for a full refund. 3 (jen looking for a new job? tampa international airport is hiring... for dozens of positions at its upcoming new shops and restaurants. the job fair is *monday, 10 a-m till four p-m, in the main terminal. just head to the "hillsborough room" on the third level. the new concessions will open this spring, and there could right now: reps from auntie anne's, c-n-b-c, ducky's and rumfish grill are in the first wave of hiring. they're looking to fill hourly and management positions. 3 ((jen)) they can happen anytime... anywhere... and anyone can be a target. we've all seen the results of
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but scary as they are, people just aren't taking the threat seriously. a new study shows: people keep picking the *wrong passwords... and fox-13's josh cascio tells us: it's hurting them... badly. 3 hacking and hollywood .. a match made in cyber-heaven. cheesy scenes aside... we've all seen the very real - results of cyber-hacking. target...home depot...even the cheating-website ashley madison...all falling to the finger-tips of dark-web wizards. the cyber hackings that take place are a result of people not using good cyber's an even more current example...this is a map of cyber attacks happening in real time. this represents 1 percent of the attacks translation: it's a huge..non-stop threat... one of the first lines of defense - something many take for granted...their own passwords. i try to make them different but its kind of hard to rememberi actually use the same password with different numbersa recent report by the company splash data titled "worst passwords of 2015"- shows the two most common passwords were 123456 and the word "password." hardly top-secret - considering the data is made up from more than 2 million leaked passwords. "if someone hacks your email because of the simple password you use they will try that with your financial accounts with other subscriptionsand that could turn your life into a real horror-movie. experts say - don't be careless. come up with hard to hack - passwords - containing 8,10 even 12 letters which also include special characters. and use different passwords for different accounts. cyber security is a serious threat despite what hollywood would
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3 (walter) here's something else to consider: those two worst passwords... 1,2,3,4,5,6 and "password"... they've been at the top of the list since it was created back in 2011. ((jen)) so despite all the warnings and attacks, people just aren't getting the message... until it's too late, that 3 is. 3 ((jen)) he's cute and cuddly and little and missing. ((walter)) the urgent search for a stolen puppy this morning. 3 ((walter plus... looks like smoking can be deadly... for your *wallet. what the average floridian will spend on this habit, in a lifetime. it'll send your paycheck... up in smoke. 3
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((walter)) it's 5:--, on wednesday, january 20th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) search is on for a *stolen might have been traded... for *drugs. 3 ((jen fox-13's alcides segui is at the pet store in largo, where the dognapping happened. alcides: the guy's under arrest, but this morning there are some really serious concerns about the little dog.(take remote) 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3
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((walter the time is now 3 5:__. the cold air moves in.. and the fires heat up.. our overnight photographer has been going from house fire to house fire all morning.. in sun city center.. a woman says her cat woke her up when her home caught fire just after midnight.. there is a lot of damage to the house - and sadly, she cannot find her cat.. and a short time later, in valrico, a house caught fire on aaronbrook drive.. smoke detectors woke everyone up.. and six people got out safely. 3 ((walter and in manatee county - two homicides.. 40- minutes apart.. and just 10-miles away from each other. bradenton police and manatee deputies are working together to see if the two deaths are related.. 38-year old karl tuxford appears to have been shot inside his s-u-v.. which came to a crashing stop near 8-th street east.. a few
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the body of 23 year old jordan aren't making a connection - but it appears the two victims knew each other.. at least through facebook.. 3 (jen we've been following this for days... the zika virus... that's spread by dangerous for pregnant women. now... we have confirmed cases in *florida... 3 (jen) a hillsborough county resident contracted the virus while traveling in the other two cases are in the miami-dade area... and also stem from travel in south america. 3 (jen most people just get mild symptoms, similar to the flu... plus: fever, rash and joint pain. but there are concerns that the zika virus could cause birth defects. there's a possible link between the virus and poor brain development in-utero... and babies could be born with small heads. that's why the c-d-c issued an alert a few days ago, asking pregnant women to *postpone travel to 14 places in latin america and the caribbean. now, thankfully, the virus can't be spread from person- to-person... it's not
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to carry it. so, once again, some important mosquito avoidance tips: 3 (jen cover up when you're outside... especially at dusk and dawn, when the bugs are most active. wear long sleeves and pants... plus, an insect repellant with *deet. empty all standing water from around your home... it's prime breeding ground for mosquitoes... don't forget to change the water in bird baths, fountains or outdoor pet bowls frequently... and check for rain that's pooled-up in flower pots or gutters... and make sure you repair any torn window, door or patio screens. 3 3 (walter) for years, researchers have been digging up unmarked graves at the former "dozier reform school" in the panhandle. children were allegedly abused and even died there... and this morning: we have the final report. 3 (walter there were nearly 100 deaths in the first 55 years the school was open. researchers say they've now uncovered 51 sets of remains. from those... they were able to identify 21 boys. that's including two *new matches made through d-n-a.
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19-18 when he was 14-years-old. *how he died is still unknown. then there was grady huff. he attended dozier in 19-34 when he was 17... but died 7-months later. reportedly... due to complications from a kidney disorder. the digging is done, but the project... is not. 3 3 michigan governor, rick snyder used his annual state of the state address last night, to re-affirm his promose to fix the water crisis in flint. 3 he blamed the situation on "government" failures are the federal, state and local level -- but also admitted he let people down. snyder proposed spending 28 million dollars more.. to pay for extra filters, bottled water, and testing... in the meantime -- lawyers have filed three class action lawsuits following the water crisis.. the lawsuits include an emergency injunction to keep the city from shutting off water to residents who can't pay their bills. 3 (walter) proof of how important water might be in the fight against *obesity. a new study shows: schools that offer drinking water in their cafeterias, might
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the kids get used to drinking it there, and will choose water instead of sugary or high-calorie drinks, away from school. and it's slightly more effective for *boys, than *girls. the overall impact is admittedly small... lowering the risk of being overweight less than one percent... but anything that combats childhood obesity is applauded, and encouraged. 3 (walter still trying to quit smoking? maybe *this will inspire you. a new study by the personal finance website, "wallet hub," shows just how much money smokers spend on their habit over a lifetime. and the numbers are staggering... here in florida, the average smoker will spend nearly one-and-a-half *million dollars on smoking. that puts us 31st on the list. new york is the *most expensive. 3 3 (walter) munchies on the midway... it's almost time for the fair, and lots of deep fried fun. (jen) and starting today, you can help pick one of the star snacks. 3 (jen the state fair is letting the public vote... on their "people's choice burger."
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the list. you may recoginze a few from *last year's fair... including the *ice cream burger, the french toast burger, and the redneck burger. that's the one in the bottom left... with fried bologne, baked beans, and potato straws. and new for this year... the one on the bottom *right... the "bacon bomb." a burger seasoned with ranch and barbecue sauce... wrapped in bacon... and topped with cheese and *more bacon. 3 3 ((jen)) when the boss says he wants to talk to you, it's not usually a good thing. ((walter)) but one supervisor's advice... actually saved his employee's life! their amazing story,
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3 grab the sweater... and the big thick socks. it's a very chilly morning out there. the coldest temps of the season, actually. and yeah, for anyone who's been here awahile, it's *cold. dave's up in just a few minutes, to tell us how long the cold weather is gonna stick around. 3 "hello peter. what's happening. uhhh... we have
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3 --walter yeah... that is *not what you want to hear from the boss... no matter what line of your work you're in. kind of gives you a stomach ache just thinking (walter) so when the supervisor at one company sent his employee home, in the middle of his shift, the worker was worried. was he gonna get fired? (jen) well, turns out it was a *good thing... in fact... it was a *life-saving thing. russell's on the story for us. 3 (russell) well, you can imagine, it's pretty nerve-wracking... the boss comes up to you... tells you you're not up to par... and sends you home. but for car salesman "mike bell"... that might have been the best suggestion *ever. 3 (russell mike was on the job in mckinney, texas, lately... his boss, gus, noticed that something was *off... mike didn't look good... and he told him that... he even told mike to see a doctor. mike pooh- poohed it, saying: he was just a little dizzy. but the boss wasn't having it... and forced him off the lot. mike relented, and went to see the doctor... then suddenly
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turns out: he had a rare and frightening condition. bacteria from an infected *tooth had spread to his blood stream... causing him to tear his aorta when he coughed... and each time he coughed, his lungs filled with blood. doctors said: he could have died within hours. 3 (russell) that was last april. mike spent two- weeks in the hospital... and his boss visited him every day. same thing during his long recovery... that took months. mike says: gus took care of him... made sure he could still pay the bills... he's thankful... and now he wants to raise awareness about how important it is for companies to provide sick leave for employees. and yeah, he admits: it was a good idea to listen to the
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3 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave.
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3 it is 5:__: time now
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"skyfox on time traffic". no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 (jen) 3 today in tallahassee, moffitt cancer center takes
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hospital is sending more than 75-advocates to share their stories with lawmakers. they'll also highlight new ways the center is supporting the fight against cancer. they're planning to ask for continued state support and funding to keep research going, and they're hoping the stories and examples will convince lawmakers to get behind that. 3 (jen *some of advocates started their trip to tally... over the weekend. on sunday, 22 bicyclists set-out on a four day ride to the state capitol. the group is called "cure on wheels." they're traveling 325-miles, raising funds for cancer research and patient services. the *rest of the moffitt advocates just left a few minutes ago... on *buses. moffitt is the top-ranked cancer hospital in florida. it's also ranked 18th in the u-s. ((walter)) in sports this morning: every season has it's now - the bolts are riding a high! kevin o'donnell has the highlights from the arena..
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stretching the streak wasn't easy against the oilers... but the lightning get plenty of offense.... they tie their season high in goals and they just keep chipping away at the atlantic division.... the bolts are now tied for 2nd place..... the lightning are skating with a lot of swagger right now... 4-minutes alex killorn with a precision pass to nikita nesterov and he blisters it.... edmonton ties it at one..... but there's no one playing better than nikita kucherov right now.. watch him work his magic right here for this 19th goal of the season.... 2-1 bolts . edmonton ties it again... but lightning keep pressl, b.. ondjr there to clean it up... 3-2. when things are going well you get all of the bounces and the lightning do... palat with the shot it pops up in the air and namestnikov swats it in... replay confirms it''s a good goal... a rare one at that.. but edmonton ties it for a thrid time at 4-4.... the oilers are on a power play, brandon colburn flips it up ice to brian boyle and watch the oilers goalie... not a good idea and boyle makes him pay.... lightning get the breaks in this one... they add an empty netter and win it 6-4 for thier 6th straight win. the gators back home in o'connell center tonight fresh of one of their best shooting games of the season... but mike white is completly thrilled with his team after seeing so many turnovers... florida looking to clean that stuff up against mississippi.
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gators hot shooter and he still has it going... he knocks down two 3's in the first half.. dorian finney smith follows with another 3... it's back to back triples to give lead... but the bulldogs run wild in the final 4 and half minutes in the first half... they outscore the gators 18-5... fred thomas at the buzzer to give the bulldogs a 5-point lead at the break. the gator claw their way back.... jon egbunu with slam gives the gators a 3 point lead with 3 ((jen)) it's nearly time for our extraordinary ordinaries. ((walter) and this week's segment landed on veterans elementary in wesley chapel. 3 its fun and you're doing something that can inspire people and i just like the sound of that!"--walter coming up, how 3 these extraordinary ordinaries have found a love for a skill.... that came from a simple contest.
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